I have lived most of my life close to Bergen city and have been thinking about this hike for a long long time…! Finally it was time to DO IT!! Me and my siste hiked from Ulriken mountain to Fløyen mountain, a wonderful hike thru beautiful scenery ending up with the amazing view of Bergen city from Fløyen. If you have visited Bergen, I am sure you took the funicular up to Fløyen and maybe even the aerial tramway up to Ulriken, but did you ever think about hiking between these mountains? If not, you HAVE to visit Bergen again and DO IT!

Enjoy the beautiful pictures and get inspired!


Looking up at Ulriken from the city. We are taking the aerial tramway up to the top!


I’m still scared of heights, but what can I do but to challenge myself….


Im doing fine… kind of… this is pretty scary…


Somebody get me out of this tram right now, this is way too high…..:)


I’m fine as soon as I have solid ground under my feet again, let the hike begin!


We are headed for the tower in the background.


Looking down at Jordal and Eidsvåg.


And finally we can see Ulriken mountain in the background.


Wonder if it is England I see in the distance…? 🙂


We made it to Fløyen! Only one last nice hike down from this mountain and we are back in town where we started!


Welcome to my beautiful city; BERGEN!


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