My Villa in the forest!

I have named my new home Villa Veltebommle. Its a German caravan TEC Weltbummler Creation and it is perfect! It all started with the search for the right caravan. It took some time and I checked out several. But the Veltebummler stood out with its light interior and bright cushions. I did end up buying it “as it is”. Not always the smartest way to go, but saved me some money and gave me some laugh and extra work. It seems liked the previous owner had been in a hurry and left only one slipper, two underpants, some socks that did not match, and a nice vacuum machine!

My dad helped me build a deck so it would be nice and flat for the tent/awnings to stand on. I am not a builder so great getting some expert help on this. My dad sawed and I screw. Amazing how fun it is to help create your own deck! I felt very proud when we were done!

Getting up a tent like this is not really easy. The manual was not very helpful, it seems like it was meant for people who already knew how to do this.. not for amateurs like us. And as you can see from the first attempt, something was not really right. It took some time for me to figure it out, the two front panels was not alike as I thought.. I got them mixed….. It must be said to my defense that it was very dark when I zipped them up…

The first thing I did in the caravan was of curse to clean it. I unzipped all the pillowcases and took down the curtains to clean. Hard and boring work, but I’m glad I did it. Then I had to start moving in all my stuff from my apartment. Not easy to find places for everything, it was a total mess for days… Sometimes the only solution was to open a bottle of red….

There are still some work to do to get things right in the little tiny space, but I have moved in and it feels great! There are of curse many challenges buy living like this, but facing them one at the time is just going to be part of the experience! So far so good and I love it!! Check out the pictures.