Last night of knitting…:(

Always nice to come home to Norway!! I should have been in bed by now, but I am not tired since I slept until 1pm today… Jetlag… I figured if I can stay awake for a few more hours, I might be able to sleep the rest of the night.. Looking back at the few days I had in Fergus Falls made me realize that I had not shared the pictures from out last knitting group at Crates of Yarn. We had a wonderful time with lots of good food, you girls make the best potlock ever!! But it was also very sad, this was our last knitting group at the store! Soo sad that they had to close, but it is hard to do business in a down town like Fergus Falls, hard to survive financial! Its really a shame, the down town is beautiful and the stores have so much fun and interesting stuff, there is plenty of parking and several cafe/restaurants. I challenge everyone to spend a few hours downtown and explore all the greate stores!! And brag about it, post it on facebook, spread the word that we have a beautiful and interesting downtown!!

Kirk and Wendy, the two fantastic owners of Crates of Yarn!! Thank you soo much for having us all there every Thusday night!!

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